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Cornish Coastpath Mystery Series

Book: The Cornish Pasty

#1 The Cornish Pasty

Thirty-something Pippa Welbury lives in a small cottage overlooking Polperro bay in Cornwall. Working part-time as a vet's assistant, she spends her time walking her scruffy, yet adorable dog Benjamin along the Cornish cliffs and beaches.

Just as life seems to be slipping into a period of adequacy, a brief encounter with the man of her dreams seems to offer potential. The problem is, he's with someone!

Following the disappointing rendezvous at the local pub, and determined to cast off her mood of melancholy, Pippa decides to try her hand at baking. What the resulting Cornish pasty lacks in looks, it certainly makes up for in size! Only, whilst waiting for it to cool, unbelievably, it vanishes from her kitchen. Pippa is furious; not only was it her first attempt at baking the regional speciality, it had been ear-marked for a worthy cause.

Chance leaves Pippa with a dilemma when she discovers that at the top of her list of suspects is that very same man she had met just the day before.

Can Pippa uncover how the fruit of her baking disappeared, and will she like what she discovers?

Book: The Marigold Sightings

#2 The Marigold Sightings

Thirty-something Pippa Welbury lives in a small cottage overlooking Polperro bay in Cornwall. Working as a part-time vet's assistant, she spends her time walking her scruffy, yet adorable dog Benjamin along the Cornish cliffs and beaches.

One night, just before going to bed, Pippa glances out of her bedroom window and watches as two yellow animals dance their way across Polperro bay in the darkness. They flit, almost like butterflies, as they pass across the sands and disappear up into the village. Intrigued, Pippa realises that what she is seeing is some sort of mating ritual between birds. She watches the same strange display the following few nights, and is convinced that she must identify what breed the birds are, and indeed, where they are heading.

Armed with only a torch, and Kate, her best friend, Pippa lays wait in the night hoping to be able to get a closer look at the birds. What she discovers is completely unexpected; a stash of books, a hidden island, a sunken boat hull and a rescue. Will Pippa uncover the reason for The Marigold Sightings?

Book: The Poppy Smugglers

#3 The Poppy Smugglers

Pippa Welbury has smuggling on her mind!

After seeing a group of men land some illicit cargo on the coast just up from her home in the Cornish fishing village of Polperro, she gets drawn into this historic Cornish pass-time.

The smuggling intrigues her further as she begins to ask around the village about Polperro’s historic ties to the activity, and seems to come up with... nothing.

To add to her overactive imagination, whilst out walking with Benjamin, her faithful dog, she spots a vase containing a bunch of Poppies in the window of a lighthouse; fresh poppies in a supposedly disused lighthouse! Who would place flowers in a derelict building? She was asking herself that very same question, but it is soon replaced by others when she spots the smugglers moving another stash of boxes into that very same lighthouse.

What’s in the smugglers’ stash? Should she report it to the authorities? Who grows poppies all year round?

All these questions, and a few more that Pippa has not thought of yet will get answered in this, the third in the Cornish Coastpath Mysteries Series.

#4 The Auction at Primrose Cottage

Primrose Cottage has stood on a gently sloping incline overlooking Polperro bay for almost 500 years. During that time, it has had many uses including a quarantine house, a smuggler’s hideout, and a WW2 lookout. Throughout most of its existence, it has been owned by the Trenowen family, and the current owner aims to keep it that way.

Recently though, due to lack of funds, Mrs Kathleen Trenowen has had to put up for auction, a rather important painting of hers. The painting is of the cottage itself, and many think that it’s not even a particularly good painting. It is, nevertheless influential, as it is one of the earliest examples of a Cornish landscape painting, and as such is quite collectible.

However, shortly after the painting was sold at auction, it mysteriously disappeared, stolen from her cottage. At first, suspicion fell on Mrs Trenowen herself, but the investigation proved that the painting was not insured and that she would subsequently not gain from its theft.

Entrance stage left, Pippa Welbury and her lovable scruffy mongrel Benjamin. Pippa is intrigued by the story and having seen how the whole episode had upset Mrs Trenowen, she takes it upon herself to do some investigating.

Against the backdrop of art dealers and the Cornish countryside, can Pippa uncover what happened to ‘The Primrose Cottage’?

#5 The Chocolate Eclair Mystery

The Chocolate Eclair Mystery is the fifth book in the Cornish Coastpath Mystery Series.

To briefly outline the plot without spoiling it too much, I will have to be selective in what I tell you.

Firstly, I can tell you that it is a story about the family living up at Fleetham Manor, just outside of Polperro.

Until now, Pippa has had nothing to do with them, but this all changes when she is introduced to them at St. Piran's Church's Easter Service.

However, during the service, one of the family staggers out and promptly expires amidst the daffodils and the gravestones.

The police investigate and quickly arrest one of the manor's staff; he was found in possession of poison.

Pippa, though, is not convinced. She and Benjamin, her faithful companion, set about finding out what actually did happen.

In true tradition of cosy mysteries, there'll be some juicy affairs, back-biting, female vicars, and disgruntled staff!