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Hello and welcome to my website. You've made a great choice if you're here to find out a little bit about me and get the latest gossip on my books. Thanks for visiting and do come back soon!

About little me...

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This is me on vacation in Yorkshire last year.

My name is Jenifer Paffett and I live with my husband and two teenage boys in beautiful Devon on the south west coast of the UK.

For the past decade, I have been a stay-at-home mum, but as my boys grew more independent, I have found a little more free time to myself.

I have always enjoyed reading, and have harboured a (fairly) secret desire to write my own mystery stories. I love reading books written by the greats such as Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, and Colin Dexter.

I enjoy walking with my husband and find inspiration for my books everywhere especially when out on the Devon coast.

I try to keep my books 'clean', comforting, and a little quirky. I have a great time creating juicy character, plots and locations. I try to make the main characters as likeable and as realistic as possible. That does not mean that every character in the books are likeable; we still need some bad-guys! However, I do try to write so that you will enjoy all the characters, even those bad-guys. After all, even bad-guys have feelings!

The main purpose for my books, at least for the time being, is to place the reader in someone else's cosy, comfortable life. This, more often than not involves picturesque locations and non-violent mysteries. Occasionally, I will move my characters away from their comfort zone, but fear not, they will be returned - safely!


My Current Books...

All my books are currently available on Amazon, and The Auction of Primrose Cottage is available on I am hoping to expand to other outlets in the future.

Book: The Cornish Pasty Book: The Marigold Sightings Book: The Poppy Smugglers Book: The Auction at Primrose Cottage Book: The Chocolate Eclair Mystery Book: Cornish Coastpath Mysteries Collection 1
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Latest Workings...

Book: St. Piran's Regatta

St. Piran's Regatta

Every year, Polperro gets swamped with visitors to watch the famous St. Piran's Regatta. In case you've never heard of it, think dozens of participants dressed as boats and mermaids who run through the village and jump off the quayside to swim across the frigid November waters in the bay.

As each participant is running for charity, no prize is offered for winning the event, however, small trophies are awarded for best and worst costumer etc. - you get the idea.

Anyway, during the excitement of the race, a man's body is pulled from the water and the emergency rescue services do their best to resuscitate him - to no avail.

Later, Pippa learns that the man was running for a suicide support charity, as he had lost his wife a few years early after she had suffered from depression. She also finds out that he had been accompanied by an old school friend who since the accident, seems to be obvious in his absence.

Sniffing around, she finds that the drowned man suffered from epilepsy, but that his Epilepsy Awareness Band had gone missing from his wrist during the race.

In true Welbury style, and intrigued by the story, Pippa's interest is piqued and soon she is leaving no stone unturned in her quest to establish if the drowning was an accident or not.

I'm pretty sure that she'll find a mystery in there somewhere!