"St. Piran's Regatta" - The World's Most Famous Boat Regatta

Cornish Coastpath Mystery Series

Book: St. Piran's Regatta

#6 St. Piran's Regatta

Every year, Polperro gets swamped with visitors to watch the famous St. Piran's Regatta. In case you've never heard of it, think dozens of participants dressed as boats and mermaids who run through the village and jump off the quayside to swim across the frigid November waters in the bay.

As each participant is running for charity, no prize is offered for winning the event, however, small trophies are awarded for best and worst costume etc. - you get the idea.

Anyway, during the excitement of the race, a man's body is pulled from the water and the emergency rescue services do their best to resuscitate him - to no avail.

Later, Pippa learns that the man was running for a suicide support charity, as he had lost his wife a few years early after she had suffered from depression. She also finds out that he had been accompanied by an old school friend who since the accident, seems to be obvious in his absence.

Sniffing around, she finds that the drowned man suffered from epilepsy, but that his Epilepsy Awareness Band had gone missing from his wrist during the race.

In true Welbury style, and intrigued by the story, Pippa's interest is piqued and soon she is leaving no stone unturned in her quest to establish if the drowning was an accident or not.

I'm pretty sure that she'll find a mystery in there somewhere!

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