"The Chocolate Eclair Mystery" - Country life isn't as sweet as you may think!

Cornish Coastpath Mystery Series

Book: The Chocolate Eclair Mystery

#5 The Chocolate Eclair Mystery

The Chocolate Eclair Mystery is the fifth book in the Cornish Coastpath Mystery Series.

To briefly outline the plot without spoiling it too much, I will have to be selective in what I tell you.

Firstly, I can tell you that it is a story about the family living up at Fleetham Manor, just outside of Polperro.

Until now, Pippa has had nothing to do with them, but this all changes when she is introduced to them at St. Piran's Church's Easter Service.

However, during the service, one of the family staggers out and promptly expires amidst the daffodils and the gravestones.

The police investigate and quickly arrest one of the manor's staff; he was found in possession of poison.

Pippa, though, is not convinced. She and Benjamin, her faithful companion, set about finding out what actually did happen.

In true tradition of cosy mysteries, there'll be some juicy affairs, back-biting, female vicars, and disgruntled staff!

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