"The Marigold Sightings" is the second book in the Cornish Coastpath Mysteries Series

Cornish Coastpath Mystery Series

Book: The Marigold Sightings

#2 The Marigold Sightings

Thirty-something Pippa Welbury lives in a small cottage overlooking Polperro bay in Cornwall. Working as a part-time vet's assistant, she spends her time walking her scruffy, yet adorable dog Benjamin along the Cornish cliffs and beaches.

One night, just before going to bed, Pippa glances out of her bedroom window and watches as two yellow animals dance their way across Polperro bay in the darkness. They flit, almost like butterflies, as they pass across the sands and disappear up into the village. Intrigued, Pippa realises that what she is seeing is some sort of mating ritual between birds. She watches the same strange display the following few nights, and is convinced that she must identify what breed the birds are, and indeed, where they are heading.

Armed with only a torch, and Kate, her best friend, Pippa lays wait in the night hoping to be able to get a closer look at the birds. What she discovers is completely unexpected; a stash of books, a hidden island, a sunken boat hull and a rescue. Will Pippa uncover the reason for The Marigold Sightings?

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