"The Poppy Smugglers" is the third book in the Cornish Coastpath Mysteries Series

Cornish Coastpath Mystery Series

Book: The Poppy Smugglers

#3 The Poppy Smugglers

Pippa Welbury has smuggling on her mind!

After seeing a group of men land some illicit cargo on the coast just up from her home in the Cornish fishing village of Polperro, she gets drawn into this historic Cornish pass-time.

The smuggling intrigues her further as she begins to ask around the village about Polperro’s historic ties to the activity, and seems to come up with... nothing.

To add to her overactive imagination, whilst out walking with Benjamin, her faithful dog, she spots a vase containing a bunch of Poppies in the window of a lighthouse; fresh poppies in a supposedly disused lighthouse! Who would place flowers in a derelict building? She was asking herself that very same question, but it is soon replaced by others when she spots the smugglers moving another stash of boxes into that very same lighthouse.

What’s in the smugglers’ stash? Should she report it to the authorities? Who grows poppies all year round?

All these questions, and a few more that Pippa has not thought of yet will get answered in this, the third in the Cornish Coastpath Mysteries Series.

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